Audio Workshop // May 11th 9am-12pm

We're putting on an Audio Workshop centered around our volunteers here at Immanuel. We would love for you to join in during that time. We're only opening up 8 additional spots, so please make sure you attend if you register so you don't keep someone else from being able to attend. 

Thanks for coming.

We had an AMAZING time with you at our first ever Church & Technology Conference. We hope that your time was just as awesome as ours was. We're not quite sure what the future is yet for this event, but make sure to sign up for our text updates by texting "conference" to 405-349-5905 to receive updates about what we're planning next. 

Below you'll find some pictures capturing some of the many awesome moments that we had together. If you scroll beneath that, you'll find a link to download our resource bundle that we've put together for you. 

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