Blake & Jenna Bolerjack concert // January 27th

Blake & Jenna Bolerjack, Christian Music Duo, will be in concert at Immanuel Baptist in Shawnee at 6PM on Sunday night January 27th. As husband and wife, Blake & Jenna communicate their faith through music with gentleness and a testimony of love and commitment with their marriage; a chemistry easily seen as they sing and serve together. Blake’s soaring vocals and Jenna’s sweet harmonies are sure to inspire and encourage. They will be singing songs from their brand new CD: Love Still Holds.  All ages will enjoy their mix of classic and contemporary styles. Listen to music clips of them online at: and on iTunes, YouTube, Pandora, Amazon, and their Facebook page:

Mother/son camp-in // Feb. 1 (6pm)-2 (8am)

The Mother/Son camp-in is Friday-Saturday, Feb. 1st-2nd from 6pm-8am. This event is for all Moms (or Grandmothers/Aunts) and their sons through 6th grade. 

We will be glamping in the Student wing, so plan to bring any bedding you will need, no tents required but they are welcome. Also plan to bring your nerf guns and any family games you enjoy. Food and fun will be provided and the event is free!

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