Summer 2017 Volleyball League

This season, we are opening up the first annual summer volleyball league. We have room for 20 teams. Each team will play 7 games in the season. Those 7 games will be played on Tuesday and Thursday nights from July 6th-July 27th. The top 8 teams from the group of 20 will compete in a double elimination tournament on August 1st. Registration is first come, first serve.

Sign up your ENTIRE team below. Or, if you don't have a team, sign yourself up as an individual underneath the team registration form. There is a registration fee of $10 per team member. Please follow the directions at the end of the registration form to make one payment for your entire team or for those of you without a team, make the payment for yourself. For more information, click below for a full rules list. Schedules will be sent to your team captains (who you will designate in the registration form) one week prior to the beginning of the season or will be made available below. The last day to register is July 2nd. Finally, we will have a mandatory captain's meeting, Sunday, July 5th at Immanuel Baptist Church. All games will be held at Immanuel Baptist Church's volleyball courts. Located on the southeast corner of the campus at 1451 E. 45th Street. 



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