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- FAQ -


What is Falls Creek?

  • Falls Creek is a church camp for middle school and high school students in Davis, Oklahoma. Each year, over 5,000 students attend each week of Falls Creek organized by the Oklahoma Baptists.

Who is Falls Creek for?

  • Completed 7th - 12th grade students

When is Falls Creek?

  • Falls Creek is June 24-29, 2024 for middle school and high school. 

How much does Falls Creek cost?

  • $150.00 per student until May 22nd
  • $100.00 for each additional child living in the same household after the first child until June 12th
  • $175.00 per student after June 12th      

Do you offer scholarships for Falls Creek?

  • We offer full and partial scholarships first come, first serve on an as needed basis.

What is lodging like at Falls Creek?

  • Our church will stay in a cabin with only students and adults from Immanuel.
  • High schoolers will stay in the Ada Lodge. Middle schoolers will stay in FBC Durant.
  • Guys and girls will be divided into separate rooms in each cabin.

How will students get to and from Falls Creek?

  • Parents will drop off their students at Immanuel on June 24th
  • We will take buses to and from Falls Creek. Parents will pick their student up from IBC on the day we return.      

When is the final deadline to register for Falls Creek?

  • All students – June 12th

Who is in charge of Falls Creek?

  • Oklahoma Baptists Personnel
  • IBC Staff
  • Sponsors

Who gets to serve as a sponsor?   

  • Adults who have passed a background check and ministry training.

How can I get more information about Falls Creek?

  • We will have a parent meeting on June 9th at 5:00pm in the student building to discuss all the details of camp including departure/arrival times, dress code, and cell phones. Parents are not required to attend the meeting, but they are highly encouraged. Students and parents will be responsible for knowing and following all information given at camp. You can also email Aaron Fullbright for any question you might have.

Does my student need to complete a background check?

  • All students who turn 18 before June 29th
  • 2024 must complete a background check through the church. After you complete registration, we will reach out to your student if needed.

Can my student arrive late or leave early?

  • Yes. Your student can arrive late and leave early. However, they must be at Falls Creek for at least three consecutive days. This means they must arrive by Tuesday afternoon, and they cannot leave until Thursday to sign up. Your student cannot drive to Falls Creek. They must be picked up from a pre-approved adult.

Can I visit my student at Falls Creek?

  • Yes. All parents who visit their student must complete a background check to enter our cabin. Your background check must be completed by June 12th
  • and you must let Aaron know if you plan to come up during the day.      

What is the schedule for Falls Creek?

  • You can find the schedule in the registration packet. Please note that middle schoolers and high schoolers will check-in and depart for Falls Creek at different times.

What is the packing list for Falls Creek?

  • You can find the packing list in the registration packet.      

What is the dress code for Falls Creek?

  • You can find the dress code in the registration packet. Remember, students are choosing to come to Falls Creek. By choosing to come to Falls Creek, they also choose to follow all rules and policies including the dress code.

How do I sign up for Falls Creek?

  • All registration will be completed in person on paper. We will not have an online registration. You can download the registration packet below.