International trips

North Africa // February 1st-9th // Cost: $2,000
Due to the security risk of the work being done here, not much information is given in this description regarding this trip. This trip will serve as a vision trip, exploring the possibility for future work in this location. The specific area where we will be working is made up of 0.1% Evangelical Christian. The vast majority of the population claims the Muslim faith. While there, our team will work with missionaries on the field to engage English speakers in conversation, build relationships, and share the Gospel. Our team will also seek to support and encourage believers and missionaries there on the ground.

Turkey // March 15-24 // Cost: $2,000
The Turkish people are one of the largest unreached people groups in the world, in a country of 85,000,000, there are only 10,000 known Turkish believers. While in Turkey, we will be working along the Black Sea. We will be meeting with believers in both a formal Sunday morning worship time and an informal setting around chai, sharing life, testimonies, and the gospel. Many of the people that the Black Sea team works with are refugees from Iran, Afghanistan, and Iraq, so there will be an emphasis on relationship building and encouraging the body of believers.

Southeast Asia // May 6-20 // Cost: $3,000
Due to the security risk of the work being done here, not much information is given in this description regarding this trip. The region we will be working in is 99.7% non-christian. Specifically, in the valley we will be working in, there are 0 known believers. We will be trekking with IMB missionaries based here to this region to contact various villages and build a foundation for the Gospel to be shared. It is said that it takes 5-7 years to go from first contact to conversion when sharing the Gospel with
this people group. This trip is extremely physically demanding with lots of trekking in very high altitudes. Anyone planning to attend must meet physical requirements to attend.

Ghana // May 24-June 2 // Cost: $2,000
The Pearl House was founded in 2013 to provide hope for girls in rural Ghana, Africa. By providing physical care, emotional support, spiritual development, and life-changing academic/vocational opportunities, they empower their girls to discover their unique identity and purpose in Christ. Together, they are shaping a brighter future for these girls, their communities, and their nation. The Pearl House protects, educates, and disciples at-risk young women in underserved communities around the world.The Pearl House is committed to helping our “pearls of great price” become the amazing women they are meant to be! Our team will be working with the Pearl House and the ministry they are doing and will also be sharing the Gospel with those in the community. For more information about the Pearl House, visit

Krakow, Poland // October 12-19 // Cost: $2,000
Poland is a beautiful European country, filled with rich history and kind and gracious people. While Europe is known for its strong Catholic heritage, it has become an incredibly diverse continent filled with diverse religious beliefs. Only 0.3% of the population in Poland are professing Evangelical Christians. If Poland were 100 people, 87 of those people would claim the Catholic faith, 13 would claim no religious affiliation, and 1 out of those 100 would be an Evangelical Christian. Our team will work with missionaries in Krakow, Poland doing street evangelism, prayer walking, having English conversations, spending time with university students, and working with local church planters.

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