Exciting New Changes on the Way!

Last Sunday night in our Members’ Meeting, the church approved recommendations that will bring about some exciting changes in the weeks ahead. Construction will start soon on raising and expanding the stage in the worship center which will include a new baptistery. Due to growing attendance and the enlarging of the stage, we will begin a fourth worship service. The new schedule for worship and Sunday School will be as follows and begins on Sunday, Feb. 12:

8:00- Worship

9:15- Worship and Sunday School

10:30- Worship and Sunday School

11:45- Worship

Adding another worship service will enable us to raise the ceiling of what we can currently accommodate in attendance and hopefully enable us to close the overflow seating for most services. If you currently attend the 9:30 or 11:00 service and can make participating in the new 11:45 service work for your family, we would love for you to help us by doing so. In the next few Sundays, I will be talking about the schedule change and providing more information about the services and Sunday Schools. Another recommendation that was approved Sunday night was to make substantial upgrades to our audio/visual equipment at church. This new equipment will greatly improve the quality of our livestream on the internet and archived worship services on our website. We currently have a large number of people (in the hundreds) that view our livestream on Sundays and many have difficulty seeing or hearing the service due to the outdated condition of our equipment. In addition, many people today will watch a church’s worship service online before making the decision to visit for the first time. For these reasons, we believe it is important that we upgrade our equipment and provide

high quality streaming online.

Finally, the church approved upgrading the signage outside and inside of our building. This includes a new sign on 45 th Street to replace the one that is aging and signage inside to help visitors (and members!) navigate their way through the building. These new changes are the fruit of God’s blessing and your faithful commitment to his church through the years. Thank you to all who have selflessly served and given. I am excited for the future at IBC and pray that these changes will help us reach more people to hear the teaching of the gospel and the Word of God. I look forward to the days ahead as we grow in making disciples, engage members in service, and enrich our fellowship for the glory of Christ and his kingdom.

See you this Sunday as we continue our series, “Alive!”

In Christ,